Lynbrook Classes

Combination Class

This one hour ballet/tap combination class is geared for pre-schoolers. This class included a warm-up, gentle stretching jetes, bourres, sissones, taking turns across the floor and creative movement. Your dancer will learn the ballet positions of the feet and arms, as well as developing motor skills, balance and moving in rhythm. This provides your dancer with the necessary skills to choose their future dance disciplines.


A one hour class that takes our combo dancer to the next level. This exciting class introduces your dancer to jazz technique, in addition to building upon the ballet and tap techniques they have been learning.

Ballet, Mini, Core and Protege

Classical ballet is the foundation for all other forms of movement. This is a one hour class of classical ballet training.


This one hour class is designed for the more technically advanced ballet dancer. Dancing "en pointe" requires strength, skill and many years of ballet training before being promoted to this new shoe. All students for Beginner Pointe must be invited by Miss Kim.


A one hour class for children entering 1st grade and up.


This one hour class will help dancer find their own way of moving and will awaken the artist within themselves.

Hip Hop

A one hour class that allows the dancer to develop physical strength. This high-energy class infuses the latest styles of street dancing. For children entering 1st grade and up.

Musical Theatre

A one hour class that focuses on vocal training and learning proper dance technique, while exploring the various dance styles and song used in Broadway shows. For children entering 2nd grade and up.


This one hour class includes flexibility, strength and conditioning techniques. Dancers will learn classic and trendy steps to popular and age appropriate music.


A one hour class that fuses ballet and jazz dance techniques and uses movement to interpret music and express emotion. For children entering 3rd grade and up.


A one hour class that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Acro is for children entering 1st grade and up.


This one hour mandatory class is for all MDA Competition Team members. This class will allow our competition dancers the opportunity to fine-tune all technical elements needed for their upcoming competition season.